Poster Gallery: The Spirit and Bolt

It’s summer time, and the posters are flying thick and fast, vying for your attention and trying to tempt you to see their cinematic wares.

Lionsgate has been aggressively pushing The Spirit in recent weeks, and following the sexy monochrome imagery of the likes of Scarlett Johansson and Eva Mendes, the studio has expanded its repertoire to not only four posters, but added the ability for you to hear the ladies breathily saying the dialogue that features in the images. Head over to Yahoo for that experience .

Much more traditional is the new poster for Disney’s CG toon Bolt, which will arrive at the end of the year and follow the exploits of a pampered TV star pooch who has to face life in the real world. Check it out over at . Oh, and for those who have a memory for this sort of thing, Bolt used to be called American Dog, and had a much weirder concept. SlashFilm is taking a trip back in time to see what might have been…

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