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Pitt and Aronofsky take on The Tiger

Having seen their previous attempt to work together on The Fountain fall through, Brad Pitt and director Darren Aronofsky are having another go at collaborating on a new flick called The Tiger .

Variety report that the duo are planning on working side-by-side on the adaptation of John Vaillant’s book, with scribe Guillermo Arriaga (of Babel and The Three Burials Of Melquiades Estrada ) currently adapting the novel for the screen.

Want some plot? The book takes place on the Siberian plane, where a hostile tiger turns on humans whose expanding environment is invading its habitat.

As the tiger hunts the townspeople “with an almost supernatural power”, it falls to a conservationist game warden to stop the beast before it's too late.

We’re imagining Pitt will take on that warden role (he’s not hairy enough to play the tiger). And having previously been disappointed that Pitt failed to realise The Fountain with Aronofsky, The Tiger sounds like the perfect project for the pair to work on.

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