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Peter Yates dies age 82

Peter Yates

Celebrated British director Peter Yates has died aged 82. The Hampshire-born filmmaker passed away yesterday in London after a long illness.

Nominated in his time for four Oscars, the director began working in the film industry in the 1950s, and directed his first film – Summer Holiday , starring Cliff Richard – in 1963.

It was with 1967 crime thriller Robbery that Yates made the industry sit up and take notice, the film earning accolades for its depiction of the '63 Great Train Robbery.

Yates was also credited with shooting one of the first ever movie car chases, which he championed in 1968’s Bullitt , starring Steve McQueen.

The director earned his first Oscar nomination in 1979 for Breaking Away , before landing further nominations a few years later with drama The Dresser .

Yates’ last completed project before his death was 2004 Showtime TV movie A Separate Peace , which received a Daytime Emmy nomination.