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Paranormal Activity 5 release date confirmed

In news that should rank alongside night following day in the surprise stakes, Paramount Pictures has announced that Paranormal Activity 5 will arrive in cinemas in 2013 ( confirming what we had previously heard ).

As is traditional, the film will arrive just in time to tap into the lucrative Halloween market, with Paramount confirming an official release date of 25 October.

The build-up to Paranormal Activity 4 had made much of the sense of an ending, with the film’s official tagline proclaiming, “all the activity has led to this…”

However, another solid performance at the box office, offset against the low budget for which the series is famed, has meant a fifth outing has proven too lucrative for the studio to turn down.

No director or cast have been confirmed as yet, and plot details are similarly non-existent. There will be plenty of things going bump in the night however. Of that we can be certain…

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