Paramount planning third G.I. Joe movie

The long-delayed G.I. Joe Retaliation has finally hit screens worldwide, with its early box-office performance already proving strong enough to convince Paramount to move forwards with a second sequel.

The second film opened to a solid $132 million globally, making back its budget in its opening weekend, and seemingly doing enough to assure Paramount execs that the franchise remains financially viable.

The relatively strong opening seems to have justified the studio’s decision to delay release until 3D effects could be added in post-production, making it something of a banker that the third film will also receive the same treatment.

Whether or not the A-list talent of Bruce Willis and Dwayne Johnson can be persuaded to return remains to be seen, although since their paycheques would likely have eaten up a fair chunk of budget, Paramount might not be too fussed about that.

Meanwhile, G.I. Joe Retaliation is sitting pretty atop the US box-office, with its $41.2 million take making it the second best ever three-day Easter weekend launch. The title-holder? Clash Of The Titans

George Wales

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