Odds are Equalizer

As the hungry maw of the Hollywood machine continues to devour yet more source material, the latest item on its remake menu is The Equalizer.

The show saw Edward Woodward as former government operative Robert McCall, who quits his agency and attempts to atone for the dodgy deeds carried out in his past life by helping the helpless. The show’s trademark opening carried his iconic ad: “Got a problem? Odds against you? Call The Equalizer”.

Now the Weinstein Co has grabbed the rights to the show for a new movie. “The Equalizer was one of my favourite TV series in the 1980s because the writing was always smart and very unpredictable. I am really excited about developing and producing this film,” blabbed Harvey. And it looks like they’re going to try for the magic “F” word. No, not that one - franchise…

As producer Mace Neufeld reveals: “I have been looking for a big franchise series to follow-up on my Tom Clancy films. The Equalizer perfectly fills the bill.”

Now all they have to do is write a script, find a director and cast the central part. Start your rumour mongering now!