Nicole Kidman starring in The Eighth Wonder

Looks like Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie have some competition on the modern-day treasure hunter scene – Nicole Kidman has signed on to star in The Eighth Wonder, with Mr And Mrs Smith scribe Simon Kinberg writing the script.

The plot, which is – surprise! – being kept under wraps, roughly focuses on an archaeological discovery that sends our heroine on a globetrotting dash, according to The Hollywood Reporter .

Apparently Kinberg and Kidman want to make a movie that is to Raiders Of The Lost Ark what Bourne is to Bond. Because we all know those Indy movies are devoid of character, right?

Still, it’s cinematic karma working itself out – Kidman was supposed to play Mrs Smith for Fox with Kinberg writing, so you can bet the studio will want her taking it easy before shooting starts next year.