Nicolas Winding Refn on casting Ryan Gosling in Logan's Run


Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn is currently cutting together his old pal Ryan Gosling's latest performance in Thai boxing caper Only God Forgives .

When Refn took time out to chat to Total Film for our October issue (on-sale now!) , we grabbed the opportunity to quiz him about the pair's next collaboration.

We wanted to know just how Refn convinced Gosling, lord of the indie, to take part in Logan's Run - a tent-pole remake from a major studio.

Refn told us: "I said to Ryan, 'You and I can do our own movies and be the kings of whatever we do. Why don't we marry Faust and get it over and done with?'"

But don't expect a shot-for-shot remake of the '76 original, Refn's gone back to the source novels for inspiration. "I realised that everything that was cool was actually in the original novels which are much more grim, dark and neo-realistic."

Only God Forgives will hit UK cinemas in 2013.

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