Nick Cage is Knowing

Looks like the thriller Knowing – which features a time capsule containing devastating revelations about the future – is finally being dug up from its own Hollywood development burial.

Nicolas Cage has stepped aboard the thriller, with I, robot’s Alex Proyas sitting back down in the director’s chair after his usual few years in between films.

Cage is set to play a teacher who digs up the aforementioned canister at his son’s school. He realises something is terribly wrong when some of the startling predictions contained are confirmed as true – and that the contents also warn that he and his sprog will be involved in the end of the world. Which naturally makes junior delighted, as he has a really tough maths test the week after. Well, it would be funny…

Originally penned by Ryne Pearson, it’s now been through several writers, with Proyas and co-scribe Stuart Hazeldine bashing out the latest draft. Proyas will start barking action this coming March in Melbourne.

We have four words for anything involving Nic Cage and pre-cognition: Better. Than. Next. Please!

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