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New TV spots released for Inception

After a new poster, a new trailer and, finally, an official plot synopsis (all within the last week), the marketing campaign for Christopher Nolan’s bendy thriller Inception is really kicking into gear.

Now, Warner Bros have released three new TV spots for the flick. There are a few recycled shots from the previous trailers, but also a raft of brand new footage – including some impressive CGI shots that show where that massive budget went.

Check the TV spots out below and let us know what you think. Inception will be released in British cinemas on 16 July.

As for that official plot synopsis, it has revealed that Leonardo DiCaprio will play a skilled thief who excels in the “art of extraction” – stealing valuable secrets from people's minds while they sleep.

Offered a chance at redemption, Cobb could get his life back after one last job, but he has to accomplish the impossible – Inception . He has to plant an idea in somebody’s mind, creating the perfect crime…

Even more excited than ever? Let us know what you thought...

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