New stills from Vanishing On 7th Street

Images from Brad Anderson’s upcoming horror-thriller Vanishing On 7th Street are now online, and they look suitably eerie.

On the one hand, the landscape view of a desolate highway recalls the likes of I Am Legend and M Night Shymalan’s The Happening (don’t hold that against it), while on the other the character shots hint at a grimy, character-squabbling piece.

For those who can't place the name, Brad Anderson is the man who directed a super-skinny, pre-Batman Christian Bale in 2004’s excellent The Machinst.

While his films before and after have gone mainly under-the-radar, the writer-director has also helmed some high-end telly, working on the likes of The Shield, The Wire and Fringe.

No, he’s not hit the mainstream yet, but with apocalyptic flicks now more popular than ever (The Road, The Book Of Eli, Carriers, Zombieland), this could see Anderson cross over.

The post-apocalypse set-up in 7th Street is that a mysterious and seemingly-global vanishing has left five survivors (including Hayden Christensen, Thandie Newton and John Leguizamo) banding together in an old tavern to realise they may well be alone…

Five survivors left, and one of them is Hayden Christensen... what are the chances? Leave a comment...

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