New plot details for Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 ’s collection of villains appears to be tieing together, with Latino Review revealing some new plot details courtesy of a source at Marvel Studios. Naturally there are potential spoilers ahead, so read on with caution.

First and foremost is the apparent confirmation that Ben Kingsley will be playing The Mandarin, Iron Man’s seminal comic-book nemesis and the scientific genius who eventually gets his hands on the mystical ten rings.

However, while Mandarin’s status in the comic-books is as Iron Man’s most nefarious enemy, in this film he’ll be playing a supporting role to Guy Pearce’s primary antagonist, the scientist Aldrich Killian. Killian is the man responsible for creating the Extremis project which he will use to power hisnew “Extremis Army”.

Said army is where new cast additions James Badge Dale and Ashley Hamilton come in. They will play Coldblood and Firepower respectively, a pair of super-powered individuals who derive their powers from Killian’s pioneering technology.

The final reveal is that the Patriot Armour, a cross between Iron Man’s suit and Captain America’s design aesthetic, will make an appearance in the new film. How exactly it will figure in the story remains to be seen, but leaked on-set images have shown that it will play a role somewhere along the line.

Plenty to digest there then, and plenty of time to do so, as Iron Man 3 will open in the UK on 3 May 2013.

George Wales

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