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New Karate Kid trailer arrives

Just under five months to go before the Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith remake of The Karate Kid hits UK screens, and Sony have released another kung-fu-packed trailer to whet our appetites.

From the looks of it, the old martial-art-as-metaphor-for-life routine is still going strong, with Jackie Chan’s Mr. Han claiming, "everything is Kung-Fu." That’s everything, got it?

Jackie certainly isn’t playing this one for laughs, with gems of homespun wisdom being the order of the day. His Miyagi (sorry, Han) looks to be full of them, such as, “Life will knock us down, but we choose to get back up.” Stirring stuff.

In fairness there was always going to be the odd bit of clunky dialogue, but happily the film seems to look the business, with plenty of chop-socky mayhem to feast on and the Chinese landscape looking particularly breathtaking.

Sony are pretty confident the remake won't be a let-down for fans of the original, particularly since Entertainment Weekly reported that a research screening held earlier this year produced the second highest test-screening score in Sony history. That said, the number one slot is occupied by Hitch , so should maybe be taken with a pinch of salt.

Playground grasshoppers everywhere will be knocking seven bells out of each other come the film’s release on July 30th.

Will the remake be karate chop or karate flop? Share your wisdom!

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