Need a car to go Ghostbusting in?

If you’re one of those people for whom just hearing a snippet of the Ghostbusters theme tune prompts a huge grin, your transportation dreams have just been answered: ECTO-1 is for sale.

But if your reaction to that name was “ECTO-what?” then here’s your lesson. The classic 1959 Cadillac was seen screeching around the streets of New York in the ‘80s movie comedy classic as the pimped out ride of Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray and co. A former ambulance, it’s bought – and fixed up by Aykroyd’s Ray for the team to use on calls.

And now, if you’ve got $149,998 hanging around the house (look underneath those sofa cushions), you can own this legendary piece of mobile movie minutiae. According to the ad at US car catalogue Hemmings , the vehicle comes complete with all the original lights and that recognisable wailing siren, plus the seller has upgraded the air conditioning and engine. But you will have to collect it yourself from Illinois.

Oh, and if you’d rather it looked more like it did in the Sydney Poitier drama In The Heat Of The Night, then you’ll have to remove the roof rack and paint over the “no-ghosts” sign. But if you do that, then an army of Ghostbusters fans will be forced to hit you with their proton wands.

That sounded less rude in our heads.