Mrs. Doubtfire would've been way different had these scenes not been cut

In retrospect, it's kind of amazing how light and funny the Robin Williams comedy Mrs. Doubtfire made the situation of divorce. It wasn't always quite so happy and cheery, though. Two recently-uncovered deleted scenes show just how ugly things could've been between Daniel (Williams) and his ex-wife (Sally Field). Steel yourselves, this is gonna be uncomfortable.

I'm kind of torn on these scenes, personally. I appreciate that it shows how the parents' fighting impacts their kids, because even in the best of circumstances, a marriage's dissolution is often fraught with tension and people in the middle getting hurt. You don't see much of that in the final cut, but there's a valuable lesson to be learned there.

On the other hand, holy hell was that hard to watch. It's difficult to imagine Mrs. Doubtfire securing a legacy as a timeless family comedy had these heartbreaking scenes been kept. Can we go back to jokes about using pie cream as a face mask now?

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Images: Twentieth Century Fox

Sam Prell

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