Mr & Mrs Smith: The Series is a go

Because they clearly enjoyed working for all those months on troubled-yet-successful comedy thriller Mr & Mrs Smith, Doug Liman and Simon Kinberg – who are currently making sci-fi adventure Jumper – are doing it all over again, except this time with less budget and only an hour for the story.

Yes, after mounting speculation, Mr & Mrs Smith will become a TV drama. US network ABC has flashed the green light and a pilot will be shot for a series that could possibly air in the States this autumn.

Liman and Kinberg are back as director and writer, and they’ve also signed on to executive produce the show, though Dave Bartis (a veteran of The OC and recently-cancelled robbery drama Heist) will run the eventual show’s day-to-day operations.

"It's essentially Married... With Children with guns," Kinberg told Variety. "The show takes all the marital issues a couple has and blows them up to action-genre size. So rather than fight about who forgot to pack the toothpaste, they'll bicker over someone forgetting to pack the detonator.” Sounds… er… nice?

Still, don’t go expecting Angelina and Brad to stoop to a telly reincarnation of their film roles – but we bet some hefty TV talent will be involved. They’d better pray it doesn’t go the way of Ray Liotta’s Smith and get cancelled after three episodes…