Megan Fox ditches Transformers 3

After her much-publicised fall-outs with director Michael Bay, it comes as no surprise that Megan Fox has pulled out of Transformers 3 .

While Paramount report that they decided not to pick up Fox’s option to return (an iffy statement considering she’s already been involved in some pre-production work), Fox’s official line is that she quit first.

Yeah, we’re sure she’s going to really miss having to bend over cars and wear ridiculously low-cut tops.

Still, onward and upward. According to Deadline (opens in new tab) , a source close to the project has said that “giving Shia [ LaBeouf ] a new love interest makes more sense for the story”.

Megan Fox ditches Transformers 3

So, in the grand tradition of outrageous casting rumours and conveyor belt contestants, just who could possibly fill the demanding and highly specialised role vacated by Fox? Well, three names currently being touted are Gemma Arterton, Ashley Greene and Zoe Saldana.

None of which come as a surprise, considering they’re all hot stuff right now, riding waves of film success, high exposure and popularity.

But we’re imagining this is all pure conjecture, especially considering various other websites are reporting that supermodels (what else?) Bar Rafaeli, Miranda Kerr and Brooklyn Decker are also on the list...

Who do you want to see subjected to Michael Bay in Transformers 3 ? Do you even care?

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