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McG making 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

Terminator Salvation director McG has locked down his next project: he’ll make 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea: Captain Nemo for Disney.

The new movie will follow the origin of the captain as he assembles his famous sub warship, the Nautilus.

Bill Marsilli is the man behind the script, which will take its characters from Jules Verne’s original novel.

Disney’s original live-action pic

Nemo has something of a tradition at Disney – the original 20,000 Leagues was the company’s first live-action pic back in 1954, and was seen as a big risk for Walt’s team.

But with a memorable squid scene, the biggest box office haul of the year and three Oscars, the gamble definitely paid off.

Disney will be hoping that Nemo can prove a success once more – and wants the film shooting this year, so it can leave the dock in 2010.

[Source: Variety ]