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Spy Matt Damon pecs in first Bourne 5 pic

Production on Bourne 5 kicked off today in Tenerife, Spain, and to commemorate the completion of the first day of shooting series producer Frank Marshall released the first picture of returning star Matt Damon in action:

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On the basis of this solitary image it's difficult - nay, impossible - to glean any additional information about the film's plot, aside from the obvious fact that Damon's knuckles are to take a bruisin', no doubt after a punch-up with one of the many attackers sent to thwart his actions by the film's big bad, played by Vincent Cassel. Details on Cassel's role are being kept quiet, naturally, along with further info on the rest of the supporting cast that includes franchise newcomers Alicia Vikander and Tommy Lee Jones.

Paul Greengrass returns to the director's chair following a hiatus from Bourne along with Damon; the pair chose to sit out fourth entry The Bourne Legacy before announcing their plans to return late last year. With shooting now underway, expect more social media reveals ahead of Bourne 5's release date on July 29, 2016.

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