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Martin Lawrence talks Bad Boys 3 potential

bad boys

Martin Lawrence likes sequels. He’s currently donning drag again in plump-rump follow-up Big Mommas: Like Father Like Son . And, according to him, Bad Boys 3 is still also on the horizon.

The former looks pretty dreadful, which is probably why the star spent time talking up the far more enticing prospect of another action team-up with Will Smith.

The Bad Boys series stars Lawrence and Smith as detective buddies who work in the narcotics division of the Maimi-Dade Police.

The first film from 1995 was Michael Bay’s debut, while a follow-up arrived in 2003 and grossed a massive $273 worldwide.

“They're working on a script now,” Lawrence confirms to Digital Spy . “That's something I think looks very real. Will told me that he wanted to do it as well.

"Michael Bay I heard was on board and Jerry Bruckheimer. We'll see.”

He was unable to provide any sort of start date for the production, though, reasoning: “Those guys are very busy. There's no timeline.”