Mark Wahlberg will play The Six Billion Dollar Man

Mark Wahlberg is set to re-team with Lone Survivor director Peter Berg for a big-screen adaptation of classic TV show, The Six Million Dollar Man .

Deadline reports that Wahlberg will follow in the footsteps of original star Lee Majors in playing Steve Austin, a test pilot who is kitted out with bionic limbs and various implants in order to transform him into a super spy.

You’ll notice that that the title of the film has been adjusted to The Six Billion Dollar Man , so expect Wahlberg to be even more technologically enhanced than his predecessor.

According to the report, Berg will also produce the film alongside Bob Weinstein for Dimension Films, while the studio is currently seeking a writer to get a script ready to go.

Cameras are scheduled to begin rolling on the film next year, ahead of a potential 2016 release. All together now… “we can rebuild him… we have the technology!”

George Wales

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