Mark Steven Johnson hits the Autobahn

Ghost Rider director Mark Steven Johnson is set for another dose of tyre-shredding action with upcoming action flick Autobahn .

Having recently presided over godawful romcom When In Rome , Johnson will return to the explosive antics of his earlier films with a thriller that sounds like a cross between Speed and Ransom .

The story will follow an ex-Formula One driver who wakes to find himself trapped in a BMW on the side of a German motorway. After receiving a phone call from his unseen assailants, our hero learns that his car has some heavy-duty explosives on board, and his wife and child will be killed if he doesn’t deliver it to a certain target.

Initially titled I-95 (in reference to the initial Stateside setting), the project has been renamed in order to capitalise on the international market. However, the added benefit of relocating the action is that Germany’s autobahn system has no speed limit, laying the groundwork nicely for some hair-raising driving stunts.

Greg Russo is currently penning the script, with Inferno Entertainment looking to cast the leading role in the next month. Something tells us Nic Cage should make sure his phone is switched on…

Source: THR

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