Maria Bello finds love - and death - online

Ah, the wide, wide world of web… You can do so much with just the click of a mouse these days. Buy books, download music, watch TV and enjoy the many delights of naked people. Er, apparently. Some young people told us that.

But you can also, apparently, utilise the magical Internet to hire someone to kill you. At least, you can in Downloading Nancy, which sees Maria Bello’s unhappy wife deciding that instead of the traditional methods of a shotgun dinner or a handful of pills, she’ll commit suicide by having a man she meets online (Ray Liotta) do the deed for her. But fate lobs a spanner into the works when he starts to fall in love with her.

The film has been bubbling along for a while – Holly Hunter and William Hurt were sniffing around the lead roles, with Stellan Skarsgård interested as well. And in a shocking and surprising move, Downloading Nancy will mark the directing debut of music video maker Johan Renck, who’ll start shooting next week in Canada.