Make a film in two days!

Do you sit in your cinema seat seething as the latest sci-fi film unspools, gnawing on a knuckle as you try to keep from screaming, “I can do sooo much better than this!”?

If we’ve just described a regular trip to the local fleapit for you, it’s time to put your time and talent where your mouth is. This year’s Sci-Fi London Film Festival is issuing a challenge to budding Wachowskis and junior Raimis – make a film in 48 hours.

You’ll be given some dialogue, a randomly generated title and a prop, and have two days to go and make your masterpiece with your own gear. The judges - including John Landis, no less – will make their decision, and the winning pics will grace the screen at the fest, and there are other filmmaking kit prizes up for grabs.

It kicks off on Saturday April 5th, so head to Sci-Fi London’s site for all you need to know. The fest itself runs from 30 April to 4 May and is part-sponsored by our sister mag SFX: your guarantee of SF cred.