Machete sequel could film in April

Good new for fans of B-movie trashiness, as Robert Rodriguez has set the wheels in motion for action sequel Machete Kills . And what’s more, it could be with us sooner rather than later…

Having seen the first film make a respectable profit (a $44 million take against a $10.5 million budget), a script is reportedly in place for the sequel, with Rodriguez hoping to start filming in April.

Danny Trejo is reportedly in talks to reprise his role as the badass Mexican hit-man, and from the sounds of it, the new plot is even more out there than the original.

Machete Kills will see Trejo’s character attempting to foil the villainous machinations of a billionaire arms dealer, who plans to spread war across the globe with the assistance of a mega weapon… in space.

How Rodriguez has managed to resist calling this one Machete In Space is beyond us, but if the second film is a success, we could see him complete the trilogy with mooted second sequel, Machete Kills Again .

However, given that the long-promised Sin City 2 still remains no closer to fruition, we’d advise taking these grand plans with a pinch of salt…

George Wales

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