Lindsay Lohan on her way back to rehab?

There's nothing like a decent drug bust to get a bit of press for a movie - but we're sure Lindsay Lohan would've preferred to go down the traditional route to get her latest flick in the papers.

Lohan had barely begun the promotional blitz for I Know Who Killed Me when she was stopped by the LA law on Tuesday.

And the story of her arrest would probably make an entertaining film in itself - Lohan was in the middle of a car chase (hurtling after the mother of a former assistant), when she was pulled over by police. She was charged with a DUI, and reportedly relieved of the cocaine she was carrying in her pocket.

A friend of Lohan's has claimed the troubled star is keen to get back into rehab, which is probably a good idea. Despite her long recent stay, it looks like maybe she left a little early last time.

One thing is sure - Lohan's cancelled a planned Jay Leno appearance to discuss Killed, and the latest word from Hollywood suggests she won't be appearing at the film's premiere later this week.

Still, Lindsay shouldn't be too sad. I know Who Killed Me features Lohan as a pole dancer - surely this thing sells itself?

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