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Liam Neeson starring in The Grey

The A-Team

A-Team remake director Joe Carnahan has replaced the bad-ass action star lead in new movie The Grey with another familiar ass-whooper.

Previously, Carnahan was set to shoot The Grey movie with wise-cracking muscle-man Bradley Cooper. But with Cooper having departed for reasons unknown (we assume his schedule is straining at the seams), Carnahan has called on another A-list team-player in the form of Liam Neeson.

A survival thriller, The Grey follows a group of Alaskan pipeline workers whose plane falls out of the sky on their way home from a job. Adding to their problematic situation, a pack of wolves target them for dinner.

Carnahan, who is best known for his wild action flicks having also directed Smokin’ Aces, has described the flick as “very much a man vs. nature adventure, existentialist kind of drama that I want to do”.

Which sounds like he’s all actioned out after A-Team , and looking to do something more along the lines of 2002’s Narc . Except with explosions and wolves and stuff.

Sounds good to us, and with Neeson playing another potential chip-shouldered meanie, Carnahan could have something quite interesting on his hands – if he can stick to that promise of an existentialist drama and not get gun-happy.