Leo DiCaprio on a biopic trip

Leonardo DiCaprio must have enjoyed the germ-phobic ticks and urine bottling kinks of Howard Hughes in The Aviator because he’s busily developing a new biopic about another unusual real-life figure.

The person in his movie-sights this time is Timothy Leary, the famed counterculture maven and LSD advocate. DiCaprio has been trying to get a movie based on his life made for several years and has already done his background research – he actually knew Leary before the icon died in 1996.

Unsurprisingly, Leo plans to focus on Leary’s younger years, specifically between his enrolment in military academy West Point in the 1940s and cracking himself out of prison in 1970. The men charged with breathing life into the script are Craig Lucas, a long-term scribe who turned director for the blackly comic The Dying Gaul last year and Michael Horowitz, a noted Leary archivist.

At least they should have their facts straight...