Len Wiseman to helm Escape From New York remake

Kind folk would describe Len Wiseman as a journeyman director, crueller characters would label him a hack - but one thing's for sure, he's done nothing to make us think he deserves to call action on the Escape From New York remake.

The project already has a star who - apparently - thinks the original's rubbish, and now its been lumbered with a director whose best film is Underworld.

Let's get one thing straight - John Carpenter's Escape From New York is a stone-cold classic, and if it has to be remade we want someone like Tarantino to do it, if that's all right with you.

Still, Wiseman's also been linked to a Gears Of War adaptation (it's a videogame, Len, much more up your street), so let's hope that keeps him too busy to add New York to his schedule.