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Kristen Wiig plans on being a Clown Girl

You can tell it’s a slow news week when one of the biggest stories of the day is an actress optioning the movie rights to a novel.

No doubt those media savvy producers/directors are storing up all the good stuff for next week and Cannes.

Still, word that comedy queen Kristen Wiig has purchased the rights to 2007 novel Clown Girl has got us interested anyway.

The actress is lining herself up to star in an adaptation of Monica Drake’s novel, which is about a woman named Nina who hires herself out as entertainer Sniffles the Clown while contending with the creepy underworld of clown fetish prostitution.

It's possible that we all just shuddered in unison.

Deadline have reported the option , while confirming that Wiig is planning on writing the script adap and taking that killer lead clown role for herself.

That’s after she’s done promoting spy spoof MacGruber and shooting the new comedy that she has written along with Judd Apatow, of course.

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