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Killzone 3 online multiplayer sign-up site is alive

Want to play Killzone 3? Well, soon you'll be able to. Yep, looks like it's beta time again, withthis web pagegoing up at the official Killzone website, seemingly in preparation for a Killzone 3 public beta. You can't sign in just yet, but if you bookmark the page now, you'll be able to use it when Sony releasesbeta codes in the near future.

Above: It doesn't work just yet, but it will. We'd imagine the 'permission' bit is a beta access code

If the beta is anything like past events,it will more than likely give you the chance to help shape the game. Think a weapon's too powerful? Keep getting killed at respawn points? Give your feedback to the devs and help make the finished game magnificent.

We highly recommend getting in early if you don't want to be disappointed, as beta numbers are always limited. Otherwise, you'll just have to wait for the game's full release while everyone else gets their 3D Helghast on.

09 Aug, 2010

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