Julia Roberts joins The Secret In Their Eyes remake

The English-language remake of The Secret In Their Eyes has added some more major star power to its lineup, with Julia Roberts signing on to join the cast.

Directed by Billy Ray, the film is a retread of Juan José Campanella's Argentine thriller, in which a retired legal counsellor is haunted by an unresolved homicide case.

Ejiofor will be playing said counsellor in the new version, with Roberts joining the production as his friend and former partner, whose daughter is brutally murdered.

Paltrow will be taking the other leading role, presumably as Ejiofor's work superior, for whom he has always carried something of a torch…

The film is currently doing the rounds at the Toronto International Film Festival, as IM Global looks to secure it a distributor. With Roberts now officially attached, don't expect them to have too much trouble...

George Wales

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