Jolie to star in Unforgiven?

Right, first thing to get clear here is that Hollywood is not rebooting Clint’s seminal, Oscar-winning Western for a new audience. They’re probably too scared of him to even ask.

Nope, the Unforgiven in question is actually a British miniseries, originally shown on ITV last year. However whilst that production had to make do with Corrie cast-off Suranne Jones in the lead role, cinemagoers could be treated to Angelina Jolie!

The film is being developed by GK Films, the same company who are financing Angie’s upcoming Bosnian romance as well as her team-up with Johnny Depp in The Tourist .

At this stage Jolie has only agreed to take the role pending a thorough look at the script, but the studio can be fairly confident on that score, having hired The Usual Suspects ’ Chris McQuarrie to write a treatment with her in mind.

Unforgiven will follow a woman attempting to rebuild her life when she is released from prison after the murder of two policemen. However, things become a little tricky when she finds herself the target of a revenge campaign carried out by the bobbies’ two sons.

Very much at the development stage this one, but with Deadline revealing the project is to be fast-tracked, we could see Angie on the run sooner rather than later.

George Wales

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