John McTiernan gambles High Stakes

We’d try to blame Steven Soderbergh and his Ocean’s crew for this, but Vegas is such a shiny bright target for filmmakers that chances are we’re always going to have to sit through more thrillers set in its glitzy world.

The latest director decamping to sin city is John McTiernan, who has decided to make the action adventure High Stakes. With a script by Ronnie Christensen, the plot finds two friends in way over their heads when they discover they’re the living collateral in a massive bet.

To save some cash, the production will shoot lots of scenes in Shreveport Louisiana and restrict themselves to limited shooting in Vegas. After all, with plenty of all-you-can-scoff buffets around, who’s going to have time to make a movie?

There’s no word on the cast yet, but McTiernan has time – he won’t crank his cameras until the fall.