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John Malkovich signs up for a Serbian Education

john malkovich

John Malkovich has signed on to star in the movie adaptation of Nicolai Lilin’s autobiography Serbian Education .

Lilin was raised in an area between Moldova and Ukraine called Transnistria that still enforces a strict moral code.

In this community, outside of government control, tattoos tell the story of a man’s life and ‘honest’ weapons are kept apart from the ‘sinful’ ones.

Malkovich will reportedly play Grandfather Kuzja, who takes it upon himself to teach grandson Kolyma (Arnas Fedaravicius) the morals of the honest criminal.

The film is set in the years between 1985-1995, and the script is the product of a collaboration between Stefano Rulli, Sandro Petraglia and director Gabriele Salvatores (I’m Not Scared ).

Frankly, if anybody can play a tough old guy who’s versed in the way of the criminal, it’s Malkovich. This is definitely one to keep an eye on.