John Cusacks Shanghai trailer online

John Cusack’s new espionage thriller Shanghai has finally been given a new trailer, released online today.

Having played ‘ring around the release dates’ with the Weinstein Company last year, the flick is at last getting released over in China, and in the US this September.

Why all the release date drama? Seems Weinstein aren’t entirely sure how to market this WWII team up between Cusack and his 1408 director Mikael Håfström.

Evidently they’ve found a way, this trailer dripping with style even if there are no standout moments that make us guaranteed customers.

It’s being touted as a Casablanca -style international thriller, set in Shanghai the week before the attack on Pearl Harbour.

Cusack is investigating the murder of his friend, which leads him into “a web of conspiracy and lies” that involves Ken Watanabe’s intelligence officer, Chow Yun-Fat’s local gangster and his wife Anna (Gong Li).

So, will it be the new L.A. Confidential ? Or B.S. Oriental ? Check out the trailer below…

Will you be buying a ticket when this finally gets a UK release?

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