Jeff Daniels linked to Steve Jobs biopic, but Natalie Portman has passed

Sony's Steve Jobs biopic continues to endure a series of casting ups and downs, with Jeff Daniels reported to be in talks to join the film, but Natalie Portman said to have turned down a role.

According to The Wrap, Daniels has been earmarked by the studio to play Apple CEO John Sculley, having previously collaborated with writer Aaron Sorkin on The Newsroom.

The report claims that while Daniels has yet to receive an official offer, he is director Danny Boyle's first choice for the role, and is expected to join the project in due course.

However, he will not be joining Natalie Portman, who has apparently turned down the opportunity to play Jobs' daughter, Joanna Hoffman. Back to the drawing board on that one…

Michael Fassbender is still thought to be attached to the title role, with Seth Rogen also in line to play Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. No release date has been confirmed as yet.

George Wales

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