Jaume Collet-Serra says there has been no progress on Akira remake

Warner’s long-mooted live-action remake of Akira looks to be no closer to fruition, with director Jaume Collet-Serra telling Collider there has been no progress made on the project.

The film has been in the pipeline for many years now, with Albert Hughes originally drawing up at $180 million version only for the studio to balk at the price.

Collet-Serra duly replaced him, bringing the budget down to $90 million in the process, only for Warner to insist on a still-lower figure. Collet-Serra had seemed optimistic that it could be done, but things appear to have stalled since then.

“No, no… there’s nothing,” answered the director when asked whether things were any further along on the Akira front. Indeed, it sounds as though any further budget-wrangling is a long way down his list of priorities…

“A vacation,” said Collet-Serra, when asked what would follow Run All Night. “I truly will not make a decision on a movie for a few months because I’ve done these two movies in three years without any time off. My next movie’s not gonna be for a while, let’s put it this way.”

And as for whether Akira will happen at all? “That’s a Warner Bros. question,” comes the reply. Don’t hold your breath…

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