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Jared Harris discusses 'fun' Sherlock Holmes 2

jared harris

Sherlock Holmes’ second big screen adventure isn’t out until the tail end of this year, but Holmes newbie Jared Harris just can’t contain his excitement about the film.

The Mad Men star, who bagged the coveted role of legendary villain Professor Moriarty in Sherlock Holmes 2 , has spoken to MTV about the period sequel, revealing “it’s great fun”.

“There’s some fisticuffs,” he says. “It’s great fun. It’s sort of like the story kind of starts a lot faster than the last one, almost like you’re coming in the third act of the story almost.”

Sounds like director Guy Ritchie has kept the pedal to the metal for his Sherlock sequel. With shooting having just finished up in London, the rest of the year will no doubt be devoted to getting the film’s special effects polished.

Do Harris' comments mean we should expect a big, punch-heavy confrontation between Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.) and Moriarty? We'd wager our finest, vintage coke bottle sunglasses on it.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows opens 16 December.