Jamie Foxx on playing the President in White House Down

Jamie Foxx has been discussing the change of pace that came from playing the President in White House Down immediately after playing a slave in Django Unchained .

At a Sony event in Cancun, Foxx said that WHD director Roland Emmerich met him on Tarantino’s Louisana set, while he was still in his full slave garb.

“I call it the evolution of freedom - to go from playing a slave to the President of the United States in one year!” Foxx explained.

Despite cracking out a spot-on impersonation of Barack Obama, Foxx stressed that he didn’t base his performance on the current President of the US, confirming, “it's not an impersonation of Obama.”

On the film’s political context, Emmerich stated, “Every good entertaining movie should have a message. This movie's about the vision in America - of people not acting democratically.”

Channing Tatum also weighed in, claiming, “One of my favourite films from the ' 80s was Red Dawn - but White House Down [ features ] Americans turning against Americans. Thinking about the country at the moment and we've never been more divided.”

White House Down opens in the UK on 6 September 2013, after hitting the US on 28 June 2013.

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