Jamie Foxx keen on Spawn remake

Jamie Foxx might be about to appear in one of the big superhero franchises with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 , but it seems the star has his eye on another comic-book adaptation in the form of Spawn .

Apparently Foxx is dead set on starring in a remake of the popular series, whose title character was last seen on the big screen in 1997's half-baked adaptation.

"Spawn is one, yeah," said Foxx, when asked whether he had any personal projects he is trying to bring to fruition. "And Mike Tyson. Those are two roles I would just love to do. I’m aggressively pursuing them."

For non-devotees, Spawn is a former assassin sent back to Earth from hell, armed with a whole host of supernatural powers.

Michael Jai White was the last actor to try his hand at the role on film in the cartoonish outing mentioned previously, only for the film to bomb. However, with Foxx on board, could there be life in the character yet?

The actor's stock has never been higher, so we certainly wouldn't rule it out...

George Wales

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