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Jack Huston explains why he left The Crow

Despite having been in development hell for several years now, we'd allowed ourselves to get excited by the prospect of The Crow when Jack Huston was locked into the role earlier this year… only for the star to drop out again. Huston has since discussed his departure from the project, and it turns out it was a plain old scheduling issue that threw a spanner in the works…

"I was so excited about it," Huston told Collider (opens in new tab). "I was so sad. I had a great relationship with everyone. Luckily that’s all fine. It’s a scheduling thing. It was just a scheduling conflict. We were all so jazzed to do it."

"It was one of the hard decisions that I, you know, one can’t do and luckily they’re brilliant and I just want them to just go and make a great movie so I’m just putting my heart out and saying I love everything about those guys."

As far as we're aware, Andrea Riseborough is still in place as the film's villain, Top Dollar, while Nicholas Hoult and Jack O'Connell have been mentioned as potential replacements for Huston. If either of those two options pan out, we could yet have something special on our hands, but given the project's history, we won't be holding our breath…

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