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Is this our first look at Captain Americas Red Skull?

red skull

After a week of superhero costume reveals, we may have just been given our first glimpse of Captain America’s adversary Red Skull.

May , because these images are shots of a new Halloween costume that may or may not be based on the villain’s look in Joe Johnston’s upcoming movie.

Played by Hugo Weaving, Red Skull is the head of a Nazi terrorist cell who wreaked havoc throughout Europe during World War II.

After being buried under a bombed building, Skull is subjected to some experimental gases that keep him in suspended animation before he’s woken up by terrorist organisation HYDRA.

This costume certainly chimes well with the look from the comic, with a simple, Nazi-styled black costume that seems to come with its own HYDRA belt.

Not sure about the teeth, though. We await an official shot of Hugo Weaving with bated breath…