I, Frankenstein is alive

Lakeshore Entertainment have purchased the script for cult comic book I, Frankenstein , with Underworld: Rise of the Lycans director Patrick Tatopoulos believed to be at the helm.

Kevin Grievoux's comic combines the stories of Frankenstein’s Monster, Dracula and the Invisible Man into one fantastic film noir setting.

The plot follows Frankenstein's Monster, who has learned to control his anger and is now working as a private investigator.

Dracula, meanwhile, is the kingpin of crime and the Invisible Man lives his life as a secret agent.

Frankenstein's Monster will take centre stage, as the last hope standing between the human race and legions of supernatural creatures desperate to overthrow the world.

No casting updates as yet, but a certain Mr Rourke would be an excellent fit for this, combining his resplendant turn as smash-faced Marv in Sin City , with PI Harry Angel in classic noir Angel Heart . Come on Mickey, do it for us.

Will I, Frankenstein be awful trash? Or a graveyard smash? Tell us!

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