Hungry Rabbit gets another morsel

In a fairly last-minute piece of casting, Guy Pearce has signed up alongside Nicolas Cage and Mad Men's January Jones to star in The Hungry Rabbit Jumps.

Not much has been revealed about the film, which begins its shoot in a few weeks in New Orleans, except that it sounds pretty dark.

It focuses on how Cage's ordinary guy is drawn into a powerful underground vigilante organisation after his wife (Jones) falls victim to a violent crime and he seeks revenge.

Sounds as though this could see Cage laying down some vengeance in some pretty interesting ways - with Pearce as his evil nemesis, perhaps?

The film's directed by Roger Donaldson - last seen pulling off The Bank Job in 2008, with the slightly classier Thirteen Days on his CV to balance things out - and its producer is none other than Tobey Maguire, who chose to stay behind the scenes rather than star.

We're still not sure what that bunny's doing, though, and why it's hungry, but we're sure that'll all become clear.

So - Cage and Pearce in a gritty thriller. Float your boat? Let us know...