Hugh Jackman is PT Barnum

Hugh Jackman will unleash his singing skills on screen for a musical focused on legendary showman PT Barnum.

Jenny Bicks is writing the script for Fox, which apparently has planned the movie as a contemporary piece.

While it will still feature Barnum's time as a circus show-runner and master confidence trickster, it'll feature more modern music (with Mika currently chatting to the studio about writing the tunes) than most stories about Barnum.

And it'll also chronicle his infatuation with songstress Jenny Lind, KAKA The Swedish Nightingale, in a role being written for Anne Hathaway following her successful appearance with Jackman at the Oscars.

In fact, the whole thing came about because of the ceremony, with Bicks having written for the show and producer Laurence Mark partly in charge of running it.

Jackman sang on Oscar night about musicals still being alive and kicking - looks like he just put his money where his mouth is...

[Source: Variety ]

Hugh Jackman goes musical again. Excited?

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