Hostel 2 gets creepy

Horror directors are a strange old bunch. The desire to have your audience screaming with fear, too frightened to head to the loo and clasping their hands to their face in terror isn’t what most helmers aim for – although Stephen Sommers somehow achieves it anyway…

But for Eli Roth, the man behind flesh-ripping shock-fest Hostel, it really is all part of the game and now he’s set to up the ante for Hostel 2.

“The first Hostel is a journey into hell that starts off fun,” the lenser says. “Part 2 is going to start off scary and stay creepy all the way through.”

Most horror sequels play out the same story with new characters but Roth has a different plan.

“I want it to feel like the movie is going to pick up on the next cut, as if you could watch the two movies back-to-back and it would be a three-hour movie. There will be some new things thrown in there but it has to look and feel like that first movie.”

Once he’s finalised the slicing and dicing on Hostel 2, Roth is set to bring Stephen King zombie novel Cell to the big screen. Production is due to kick off in early 2007.