Heath Ledger's Blowin' In The Wind

We’ll say one thing about Todd Haynes’ new Bob Dylan biopic. It’s ambitious. It also sounds just a little wacky….

I’m Not There will chronicle Bob Dylan’s life through several stages. So far, so standard biopic. But wait: Haynes also plans to represent “the various humours” of Dylan’s nature. Which means? Er, Cate Blanchett will also be playing Dylan. In fact, six thesps have signed up for the task: Heath Ledger (who is stepping into the scruffy shoes recently vacated by Colin Farrell), Richard Gere, Christian Bale and Ben Wishaw. “Aha!” you cry in your oh-so-clever way. “That’s only five!” Thank you captain smartarse, but the sixth Dylan has yet to be cast.

Also joining the cast are Michelle Williams (hang on, what happened to Ledger and Williams taking the year off to raise their baby daughter?), Julianne Moore and Charlotte Gainsbourg. Montreal will be overflowing with aspects of Dylan’s life this July.

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