Heath Ledger and Sean Penn track down The Tree Of Life

Despite the fact that he’s upped his production frequency from one film every 20 years, Terence Malick continues to attract top name talent.

His latest, Tree Of Life, had Malick’s most recent star, Colin Farrell seriously considering snatching the lead in the movie two years ago, along with a planned shoot that would take in some Indian locations. But now Farrell and the location plans are gone and Heath Ledger has stepped into the void.

And while Ledger will – if he signs the contact – play the lead, he’ll have able support from Sean Penn, who is circling a smaller role.

We know Malick wants to start shooting in March, but that’s about all else we can tell you, since the secretive director has yet to spill any details, besides telling The Hollywood Reporter it’s “a complex drama”.