Has the Terminator Salvation viral campaign kicked off?

Skynet, it seems, is online.

While there’s no confirmation that the site is linked to Terminator Salvation, IESB.net did a little digging and found that while much of the site’s information is blocked, the page's privacy policy is linked to Warners.

And given the success the studio had with the Dark Knight viral, it makes sense that they would pull something similar with a new Terminator movie.

There’s really nothing on the page besides the holding image you can see below, but if you fancy signing up and seeing what you get, feel free. We’re hoping for a fun chance to join John Connor’s resistance fight - hopefully not with rubbish 'Shoot The Terminator' online games. More actual fighting with guns.

One word of warning: you may get tracked down and eliminated by killer machines. Or annoying PR spam, at least.

[ IESB.net / Skynet ]

What kind of fun are you hoping for from this year's event-movie viral sites? Or are you just plain sick of the things and wish studios would concentrate on getting the movies right, goddammit?

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